Gray Water

Gray Water Chart

Gray water is gently used water from bathtubs showers and laundry that can be recaptured and used to water your garden. Gray water is typically 50- 80% of a household’s waste stream. Recycling gray water for landscape irrigation saves water & money, reduces your energy footprint, preserves remote aquatic ecosystems, reduces loads on sewer and septic systems, and replenishes local aquifers. Plants love it!

In this time of severe drought conditions in Southern California, it is a moral imperative that we begin to use water wisely. Compost Teana’s Organic Landscapes offers Laundry to Landscape and Branched Drain gray water system installation. We also offer rainwater capture alternatives from simple rain-barrel installation to larger cistern installation services. Our systems are designed and installed by an experienced, licensed plumber certified in gray water installation by Graywater Action. If you’re ready to reduce your water use and foster sustainable sources of water, ask us about our services today!

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