Earthfort Lab ( – The premier soil biology lab on the west coast. Compost Teana is proud to be a Soil Foodweb Advisor and Master Soil Consultant trained at the Earthfort/Soil Foodweb Lab in Corvallis, Ore.

Rodale Institute ( – a research institute and working farm long dedicated to organics and sustainable practices. The former head scientist of the institute is the venerable Dr. Elaine Ingham, the foremost soil foodweb authority. Visit the website and start learning the basics.

APLD ( – Sheri Powell-Wolff is a proud member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). A professional organization of Landscape Designers and related occupations who work together to promote the highest professional standards and skill development resources for the landscape trade. If you work in the landscape industry, please consider joining us. Sheri is once again serving on the board as the Sustainability Chairperson, Greater LA District.

G3, Green Gardens Group ( – Sheri is proud to be from the inaugural class of G3 Certified Sustainable Landscape Professionals. G3 offers training, advocacy, design, consultation, you name it. Check em out!

Surfrider & OFG ( – Surfrider offers this wonderful program, which educates and assists homeowners who want to turn their traditional, resource gobbling landscapes into ocean friendly ones which will reduce runoff and reduce carbon emissions beautifully with native plants, permeable surfaces and fertile, sponge-like soil. Highly recommended!

The Learning Garden ( – This beautiful garden on the grounds of Venice High School has been a community gathering place and an opportunity to learn about all things garden related. High School and College courses are held in the garden, along with a monthly “what to do now” class with David King, the garden master. This is LA at it’s best.

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